A new way to empower teams through company values

Our simple, self-serve product helps teams to celebrate and share achievements, milestones, events & more
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Increase employee satisfaction

Bring employees closer together - driving better alignment, satisfaction & eNPS

Company values analysis

Track, compare & benchmark how different teams are living up to company values

Activity insights

See employee  activity and understand which company values are trending

Kudos overview

See which team members are contributing most to company & team efforts

Company values matter

Employees feel that their organization embodies company values are
more likely to have higher engagement scores
more likely to stay working for more than 3 years
Qualtrics, 2023
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Boost your team

Empower your team to share wins, milestones, etc. and show progression towards company values

Team timelines

Create shareable timelines for milestones 🏆, events 📆, projects 🎯 & more

Shareable timelines

Build intuitive timelines that document each team's journey

Give kudos

Recognize individual contributions by giving kudos to colleagues

Only 23% of employees strongly agree that they can apply their organization's values to their work, and only 27% strongly agree that they "believe in" these values.

Gallup, 2022

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