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Journaling timelines

Multiple timelines for achivmnts, milestones & more  

Timeline of memories2

Personal values progression

Link your personal values to your journaling and watch as they evolve

Personal values progression overview3

Gratitude cloud

Tag your journal inputs and get an overview of the people & things you are grateful for

Gratitudes word cloud

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"It really changed how I reflect, document and cheerish my life.
Plus, my family can follow my travels and life abroad"
Federica G
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"Perfect solution for making quick notes of things im grateful for, travels, and achievements"
Björn Ö
My timeline
"Finally, a tool with which I can share my bootstrapping journey in a fun and structured way with my family & friends"
Alexander O
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Save & structure your past
Share timelines with others
Quick & easy to use
Embrace gratitude frequently
Use as a basis for reflection
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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single achivmnt." - Lao Tzu