Visualize and structure
your past, present & future

✓ Gratitude booster

Integrate gratitude into your daily life

✓ Value-Centric Living

Live in alignment with your personal values

✓ Encouraging Positivity

Celebrate your life & continuous improvements
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What's included:


Shareable timelines

Multiple timelines for achivmnts, milestones & more  

Timeline of memories2

Personal values progression

Link your personal values to your achivmnts and watch as they evolve

Personal values progression overview3

Gratitude cloud

Tag your achivmnts & get an overview of the people & things you are grateful for

Gratitudes word cloud

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our early customers
"It really changed how I reflect, document and cheerish my life.
Plus, my family can follow my travels and life abroad"
Federica G
My timeline
"Perfect solution for making quick notes of travels, memories and achievements. Bonus is seeing how it impacts my personal values"
Björn Ö
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To recap, here's why should give it a try

Save & structure your past
Share timelines with others
Quick & easy to use
Embrace gratitude frequently
Use as a basis for reflection
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Gratitude cloud
Values progression
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Gratitude cloud
Values progression
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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single achivmnt." - Lao Tzu